Rudbeckia is a little gold star!

One of my favourite flowers in bouquet 99 at is the rudbeckia, a golden coloured, daisy shaped flower which blooms in August.002-Rudbeckia-Mid-Aug

It’s named after, Rudbeck the Elder, a professor at Uppsala University, in the 17th century, who established the first botanical garden in Sweden. Perhaps the dark eyes and yellow petals of the flowers were thought to resemble Rudbeck, with his flowing golden locks…

The rudbeckia is a member of the asteraceae plant family, and has wonderful golden flowers which bloom in late summer.  It’s a golden star in bouquet 99, which is a homegrown bouquet of seasonal flowers on sale for £15 at until 17 August.


At FromeBlooms I sell homegrown bouquets from our cottage garden in Somerset. They’re available for only a few days each, and sent by post across the UK.



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