Welcome to the Posy Club

The Posy Club celebrates homegrown flowers. We think that homegrown blooms make beautiful bouquets, with more scent and variety than mass-produced options. We know that the carbon footprint of imported, hot housed flowers can be ten times higher than the homegrown option.

So we want to share the joy of homegrown blooms to decorate your home and treat your friends and family, without costing the earth.

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We’ve made over 100 bouquets this from our cottage garden in Frome, Somerset. See the latest bouquet on our blog



The Posy Club is brought to you by FromeBlooms.com, a blog about seasonal flowers and sustainability in Somerset.

We believe that British flowers are beautiful, and we offer a homegrown alternative to mass produced imported bunches. We grow flowers for bouquets in our cottage garden, without using of pesticides or artificial fertilisers, and we cut each bouquet and posy fresh on the day they’re sent out.

Bouquets are wrapped in moist paper, biodegradable bubble wrap and brown paper packages tied up with string.  They’re sent in large or small parcels send them by first class post.

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The Posy Club is a service from FromeBlooms.com, an online florist based in Somerset. We grow most of our flowers in our cottage garden, and source the rest from local suppliers.

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